He also mentioned in this that minorities, (both during and after the draft) are disproportionately effected by America’s wars.

Wait… is that Ron Paul?

Yeah. Leftists don’t give him enough credit.

He gets plenty credit for the sensible things. Some of his views, however, are lunacy.

Might I ask which ones you find to be loony?

Ron Paul: You either love him or you dont understand him. However many today dont understand him and his correct views of the world.

This is why the right wing media shut him up and hid him from the public.

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Day 6 - On our way home we split the drive up and stayed in Mt Shasta. For a nice recovery ride we did a 3 mile spin and the 13 ascent up to the old ski bowl at around 7700 ft.
It’s been a great trip and we can’t say enough for the wonderful support we got form our friends at illest - Thanks for letting us represent the Tselli Cycling Team at the 2014 Cascade Cycling Classic.

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